How to Contact Facebook Support Live Chat & Get Help Quickly

Facebook Support Live Chat

Facebook’s live chat feature allows users to send messages directly to the support team. There is no need to open a ticket first and wait for an agent to get back to you.

You can message the support team directly through the website. The best part about it is that the team can also give a direct phone call to resolve your account issues.

This is a great way to reach out to Facebook’s support team when you have an urgent question.

Requirements to Contact Facebook Support Via Live Chat

To contact FB live support and chat with the customer representative, there are certain requirements that must be met.

  • You must have a Facebook account.
  • Facebook Ads Account
  • A valid ID that matches your Facebook profile name (Needed for confirmation depending on the issue you’re having).
  • And of course internet connection.

How to Contact Facebook Customer Service Live Chat

Getting in touch with the Facebook support team has never been easy until the chat feature for its users was introduced.

To use the Facebook customer service chat, follow the steps below:

  • Launch your web browser and navigate to
  • Next, scroll down on the page to locate Find Answers or Contact Support.
  • Tap on the Get Started button.
  • Proceed to find Need Help with Advertising? Then tap on Contact Advertising Support.
  • Go ahead to choose the Facebook ad account that you need help with.
  • A list of Facebook help categories that relate to your account issues will be displayed. Tap on it to have access to the ad-related issue that concerns you.
  • You may also ignore the text and click on the Contact Support button in that section.
  • Next up, enter the reasons why you want to chat with a Facebook representative.
  • Then tap on the Start Chat button.
  • Wait for a few minutes. You will be assigned a Facebook Live Support Concierge Staff that you will chat with via Messenger.

That’s it. You can now relate all your issues with Facebook customer support who will raise a task for you if the issues are beyond his/her scope of work.

List of Account-Related Issues that FB Live Chat Support Can Fix

Wondering if Facebook live chat support can fix your account issues?

Here’s a list of Facebook-related issues that customer support can help you resolve.

  • Facebook page verification
  • Blocked Facebook account
  • Disabled Facebook account
  • Hacked Facebook account
  • A Facebook page name change
  • Merging of Facebook business page
  • Unpublished Facebook business page
  • Billing issues
  • Facebook ad account threshold
  • Facebook account login issues etc.

All of these and more are what Facebook support can help you resolve via live chat.

Why Can’t I See the Facebook Support Live Chat Feature?

If you cannot see the FB customer support chat feature on your account, it could be that the option is yet to be available in your region.

Users who do not have a Facebook ad account do not have access to FB live chat.

Also, I discovered that users who have violated the Facebook policies do not have access to the Facebook support live chat option.

Make sure that you read the Facebook community guidelines and be compliant.

FAQs About How to Contact Facebook Support Live Chat

Does Facebook Have a Live Chat Support?

Facebook has a very responsive live chat support feature for users to reach out to Facebook directly.
To use the Facebook live chat, visit You must have a Facebook ads account to be able to use this feature.

How Do I Contact Facebook Live Support Line?

Currently, Facebook has disabled the support lines option for users. Hence, you cannot reach out to Facebook via Phone call except if they call you.
The option available to users is the FB live chat support as well as Facebook Marketing Expert support for those that qualify for the exclusive program.

Can I Talk to a Live Person on Facebook?

Yes, you can. With the Facebook support chat, you can talk to a Facebook representative via chat who is trained to help you resolve all of your issues.

What Are the Benefits of Facebook Live Chat Support?

The major. the benefit is that it allows users to instantly connect with a customer service agent via live chat, instead of having to go back and forth using email.
The major. the benefit is that it allows users to instantly connect with a customer service agent via live chat, instead of having to go back and forth using email.

How Do I Get in Touch with Facebook to Report a Problem?

If you are having a problem with your Facebook account, you can simply go to the Facebook live chat support page at to start a chat with a Facebook customer care representative.
You can then report the issues you are having with the Facebook rep via chat.

Can I Chat with Facebook Live Support Without an Ads Account?

You cannot chat with a Facebook representative without an ads account. One of the requirements to have the feature is an ads account.
Hence, without an ads account, you cannot access the Facebook support live chat.

How to access Facebook ads live chat?

If you’re a Facebook advertiser, you have direct access to Facebook ads live chat to engage with a Facebook representative. With the FB support chat, you can resolve any issue that you have with your ad account.


Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. However, it’s not always easy to get help from Facebook.

Years ago, the company’s support team is notoriously difficult to access. This can be a problem for businesses that rely on Facebook as a major source of lead generation or customer service.

With the introduction of the Facebook business support live chat, businesses now have confidence in using the Facebook family of apps.

I hope that this guide on how to contact Facebook support live chat agent helps you resolve your issues super-fast.

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