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Instagram Login Activity Wrong Location (Simple Fix!)

Instagram Login Activity Wrong Location

Instagram brings people together to share their thoughts and adventures.

For many Instagram enthusiasts, the location feature is a favorite, providing valuable insights.

If you’ve noticed the wrong location on Instagram, it’s likely due to your mobile device not being properly calibrated.

Instagram relies on accurate device calibration for precise location tracking, enhancing your overall experience.

While geolocation has sparked privacy concerns, addressing them through security measures can alleviate worries.

Geolocation monitors your device’s location using IP addresses or GPS technology in smartphones, offering a personalized experience.

Enabling “location” tracking allows Instagram to geotag your posts, sharing your whereabouts.

Despite the benefits, exercise caution due to potential glitches, bugs, or VPN tools compromising geolocation.

Inaccurate Instagram locations can disrupt your interaction with followers, emphasizing the need for precise posting.

Brands and users seek solutions to rectify Instagram location issues and login activity problems for a seamless experience.

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What Causes Instagram Login Activity to Show the Wrong Location?

If you log into your Instagram account from a different or unfamiliar location, Instagram takes security measures.

They will send an email to the address linked to your Instagram profile, notifying you of the new sign-in.

This security feature helps in case of potential hacking attempts, providing details like the device type, real-time geolocation, and the exact time of login.

If it’s indeed you logging in, simply click “This was me” when prompted.

However, if the details don’t match, select “This Wasn’t Me.” In this case, your account will be signed out, allowing you to change your login information.

Accounts involved in multiple community standards violations or reported for cyberbullying may face deactivation or banning.

Choosing “This Wasn’t Me” is a smart move to protect your online identity from theft or compromise.

Opting for “This was Me” won’t take immediate action, ensuring you can access your Instagram even if there was a potential hacking attempt.

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Why Does my Instagram Login Activity Show the Wrong Place?

The issue of “Instagram Login Activity Displaying a Different Place” can stem from various reasons beyond accessing your account from another device, location, or IP address.

A common cause is a glitch in the geolocation feature, often initiated by the user.

For example, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) may contribute to inaccurate login activity. A VPN is a tool that protects your internet protocol address by masking it with a different one, ensuring online anonymity and security.

While VPNs are essential for privacy and security, they can lead to misreported login locations on Instagram due to the alteration of your IP geolocation.

To address this, consider adjusting your VPN server to a location close to your actual one. This ensures a seamless login experience without triggering alerts from Instagram.

Typically, a VPN won’t trigger notifications unless accessed through an unfamiliar device or masked IP address. For users employing VPN tools, it’s advisable to periodically change servers for enhanced security.

Is Instagram Login Activity Accurate?

Instagram’s login activity data is designed to be precise and reliable. If the displayed information doesn’t align with your current device or IP address, there might be a website bug causing the discrepancy.

Errors in location tracking could affect the accuracy of the geolocation feature. Additionally, occasional delays in GPS and mobile network updates may result in a mismatch, although this is rare.

When connected to Wi-Fi, ensure it isn’t interfering with or altering your IP address.

It’s worth noting that Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) might not effectively conceal IP addresses using fake servers. To verify this, check your location using an IP address checker. This step can help determine if your VPN is causing the inaccuracy in your Instagram login activity.

How to Update Instagram Login Activity on an Android Device

The Instagram login activity feature provides accurate details about the date and time of each login attempt, which cannot be altered.

While you can’t change these fundamental facts, you do have the flexibility to modify the specific details displayed by switching the device or IP address used for logging in.

Instagram prioritizes evaluating user devices in its login activity. If an unknown device is detected during a login attempt, it may be flagged as a potential security breach.

However, if Instagram recognizes the login as authentic and originating from a known device, it typically won’t send any notification.

As an Instagram user, you have the option to remove old login activity records or logs. Keep in mind that doing so will log you out from any connected devices associated with your account.

To efficiently update your login activity list, it’s crucial to understand how to access and manage it.

How to Check Login Activity on Instagram

How to Check Login Activity on Instagram

It’s crucial to keep an eye on your Instagram login activity to identify the devices actively signed into your account. Here’s a simple guide on how to check your Instagram login activity on your Android smartphone:

  • Launch the Instagram app and go to your profile page.
  • Tap the “Hamburger” button in the top right corner to access the options.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Choose “Security” and then click on “Login Activity.”

Checking your login activity through a web browser is equally straightforward. Sign in to the Instagram web, navigate to your profile, click on “Settings” next to your username, and select “Login Activity” from the menu.

On this page, you’ll find a list of login activity logs for more detailed information. If any login attempts seem unauthorized, you’ll be prompted to either deny or confirm if it was you.

The Login Activity list is a valuable tool for monitoring the devices connected to your Instagram account.

How to Sign Out of Instagram from All Devices

If you suspect potential hacks, leaks, or cyber-attacks due to multiple devices signed into your Instagram account, taking action is crucial.

To prevent unauthorized access, you can sign out from each device individually by following these steps:

  • Access the login activity record on Instagram.
  • Review the list of devices and choose “Log Out” for each one.

Remember, the “Login Activity” section allows you to log out of devices individually.

Once you’ve successfully disconnected a device by signing out, you can log back in by selecting “Continue as {username}.” If using the mobile app, you’ll need to enter your password. On the Instagram website, you can access your account without re-entering your login credentials.

Signing out of devices through the login activity feature serves as a protective measure against cyber threats, addressing emergencies, and preventing potential issues.

For a swift sign-out from all devices simultaneously, consider updating your Instagram account password. This ensures a comprehensive and immediate logout from all connected devices, enhancing your account’s security.

Instagram Login Activity Wrong Location FAQs

Can two devices be signed into an account on Instagram at once?

Yes, you can sign into a maximum of five devices using 2FA (two-factor authentication) on an Instagram account, and you are free to log out whenever you like.

Is there a way to restore your Instagram account after a hack?

Yes, you can restore your hacked Instagram account by authenticating your identity. If there is no actual picture of you on your account, Instagram will seek information like your mobile number, email address, device type, etc.

How do I connect with the Instagram help center?

You can contact the Instagram help center via email using “” Alternatively, go to your profile section, select the menu option in the upper right corner, choose “Help,” and then click on “Report a Problem.”


This article covered solutions for fixing the wrong location login activity on Instagram and provided guidance on signing out of Instagram from all devices. Implementing these tips promptly can help safeguard your account from potential hackers and cybercriminals.

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