Challenge: IMU Kyrgyzstan Portfolio Advertising

International Medical University Kyrgyzstan (IMU) sought to attract potential college students from abroad interested by pursuing medical degrees. The college wanted a focused method to attain qualified leads in a aggressive international education marketplace.

Solution: IMU Kyrgyzstan Portfolio Advertising

Lift Digitally applied a strategic PPC marketing campaign on Google Ads to target students actively getting to know clinical packages abroad. Here’s a breakdown of our approach:

  • In-intensity Audience Research: We conducted thorough studies to understand the demographics, pursuits, and on-line conduct of college students inquisitive about global clinical programs.
  • Targeted Keyword Strategy: We identified applicable keywords with excessive seek volume, that specialize in terms associated with precise medical programs provided via IMU (e.G., “MBBS packages in Kyrgyzstan,” “English clinical degree overseas”).
  • Compelling Ad Creation: We crafted high-appearing commercials that highlighted IMU’s precise promoting propositions (USPs) including affordability, excellent schooling, and the world over recognized qualifications.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Landing pages had been designed to offer clean records approximately IMU’s applications, school, and the software system, with a sturdy call to movement to generate leads (e.G., contact for facts or follow online).
  • Campaign Monitoring and Optimization: The marketing campaign was monitored carefully to make sure it reached the right audience, optimize advert performance, and maximize return on funding (ROI).

Results: IMU Kyrgyzstan Portfolio Advertising

The PPC campaign on Google Ads yielded vast results for International Medical University Kyrgyzstan:

  • 88 Qualified Leads Generated: The campaign correctly generated 88 leads from capacity college students inquisitive about IMU’s clinical packages.
  • Cost-Effective Lead Generation: With a spend of simplest $1,680, the marketing campaign executed a fee-effective manner to attain qualified leads compared to conventional worldwide student recruitment strategies.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: The marketing campaign helped IMU reach a much wider audience of potential students the world over, raising attention of the college’s clinical applications.

Data Insights from Google Ads Dashboard

IMU Kyrgyzstan Portfolio Advertising

The picture you furnished seems to be a screenshot of a Google Ads dashboard for the IMU campaign. While we can not encompass the photo itself, the records points in all likelihood improve the tremendous effects we completed. Here’s what we will probably glean from the facts:

  • Clicks: The range of clicks in your commercials shows what number of customers expressed interest in learning more about IMU.
  • Impressions: The wide variety of instances your commercials have been displayed tells you how many potential students saw your message.
  • Cost-according to-Click (CPC): This metric exhibits how tons you paid on common each time a person clicked on your advert. A lower CPC indicates efficient use of your finances.

By studying these metrics alongside the leads generated, you can display a well-rounded PPC campaign that considered cost-effectiveness and consumer engagement.